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Why walk around the world with CtK?

One answer is because it is fun, but your activities could also be an act of passionate worship, extravagant hospitality, or risk-taking mission and service. You might go for a solo walk and pray for our environment. You might ask a visitor to CtK to join you for lunch and a walk that ends with a new friendship. You might walk with your children and laugh for an hour. You might also be busy with work, kids, and everything else, which also counts as activity and can be converted into steps. All of this helps us to work towards healthy minds, bodies and spirits.


We are asking people to keep track of their steps to help us collectively get enough steps to "walk" around the world. You might use a smart phone, device or app like Fitbit or Strava, or click here:



After I have my step count, what should I do?

Once you have your step count, you can log them through our website, or send me an e-mail message at


I want to exercise with others, but don't want to join a gym!

We're here to help! Watch for rainy days and congregational activities in the weeks to come to help encourage fellowship and activity! One day you could be "Sweatin' to the Oldies" with Melissa, or walking around the church with me!


I can't exercise; I have COPD, (or Asthma, or Arthritis)! It is always a good idea to call your doctor’s office and follow their advice. Also know your body and respect any pain. Sometimes we will need to back off and sometimes you may be able to push, just a little.


Let’s have a happy healthy summer in which to share the grace and love of God!



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